What Does It Mean To Be an eBrandValuian?

eBrandValue follows the most modern definition of marketing orientation. That means it creates value for all the stakeholders, including its people who carry its spirit. But what are the values of this spirit? The culture and the principles that shape the environment are the founding elements of creating value. Understanding "what people want" is how it starts and delivering this promise is how it ends. eBrandValue is proud to have an average turnover rate of %1.25 within the last 8 years. But what are the driving forces underlying the organization? Why do people stick together?

Ayşe Akçura and Tolga Akçura
Ayşe Akçura and Tolga Akçura
Aoû 27, 2020
What Does It Mean To Be an eBrandValuian?

The Spirit of eBrandValue

"Make something people want" is the foundation of YC. It is no surprise that this simplicity carries many successful firms from start to all the way to being a unicorn. It is also no surprise that a true understanding of "what people want" creates the foundation of Zig Ziglar's philosophy. 

At eBrandValue, the culture that is simplified by Zig Ziglar's quotes above is supported by three fundamental principles that help to create a balance in everyday decisions. First of all, the organization exists to address the customer pain points. In the previous blogs and white papers, there are plenty of materials that address this topic. eBrandValue does everything it can to put the customers first.

Next are two important points: Operational Effectiveness and Efficiency. Operational effectiveness requires creating a productive environment where the outputs are generated and results are obtained. Every person should have the right knowledge, skills and attitude such that they feel "adequate to accomplish the intended purpose, producing the intended or expected result." This requires a functioning team and operational structures such as weekly scrums, daily meetings, task assignments and right amount of communication in between the executioners.

Operational efficiency requires optimized outcomes with the least resources. It can be in terms of financial costs (i.e., servers, data, etc.), or time and effort.

Delivering customer satisfaction, effectiveness and efficiency require learning by doing. That is we are all expected to beat ourselves as we repeat and do our daily tasks and become more effective and efficient. This process requires an active participation in a democratic manner. The democratic environment enforces people to speak constructively and have an ownership. 

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