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How do you improve brand value?

By pulling deep, contextual insights from multi-channel campaign information and marry it with relevant and interconnected social data to generate analytics that cannot be found with any other platform.

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A brand is a relationship—and keeping it strong means the world

You’ve made a promise to your customer—and they can love you for it or leave you for breaking it. In an ever-increasing social sphere where consumers have equal voice, the challenge in maintaining and growing this relationship is staying authentic and relevant.

With over 100 years of traditional marketing instinct, brands are desperate to understand and find success in this medium. It’s about measuring the perception of brand through the participation with the brand in both monetary and non-monetary ways.

Measurably increase Mindshare through better positioned content and activities

Explore fluctuations in market share/Mindshare over time to determine what tactics are the most effective in generating sales, and to identify both opportunities and threats on the horizon.

Increase Mindshare
Brand Context

No brand is an island, so build your brand in context

eBrandValue collects data not only for your brand, but for your industry, allowing you to analyze competitor campaigns, predict industry trends, and understand your place in the bigger picture.

Understand not just what they say, but what they mean

The eBrandValue algorithm is context-specific, and can match language patterns and word-choice back to specific customer sentiments, so you always know where the heart of your customer lies.

Real Dollars

Use real-time data, correlated with real dollars

Through historical data integration and real-time monitoring, our proprietary algorithm presents a brand’s market value in real-time—and with real dollars. eBrandValue allows you to benchmark your brand against competitors in your industry, and to correlate it with both marketing spend and revenue to help identify the most effective customer acquisition strategies.

Predict future sales success by tracking your brand’s Mindshare

For category-leading CPG brands, our proprietary Mindshare metric is a powerful indicator of real-world sales, and can indicate shifting trends from weeks away.

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Representative Case Studies

Damage Control

After suffering a malicious viral attack, a major multinational beverage corporation used eBrandValue to determine the authors, the geographic spread, and ultimately, that the attack wouldn’t affect their bottom line.

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Competitive Conquest

A Turkish alcoholic beverage company that wanted to gain market share used eBrandValue’s historical data to build detailed profiles of the competition’s customers—and re-targeted their marketing strategy to take share away.

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Campaign Analysis

After launching a major advertising campaign, a major financial institution used eBrandValue's event analysis to discover their true return on investment—and how it compared to their competitors' tactics.

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