eBrandValue Platform Packages

eBrandValue offers flexible and custom pricing bundles based on the client needs. Below table provides bundles of features that are geared towards fulfilling different enterprise client needs. Please get in touch with us using the form below for specific quotes.

The Basic package is suitable for the clients interested in generating meaningful insights rather than simple monitoring of data. This bundle enables definition of brand-affinity changing trends. Advanced Enterprise package is suitable for proactive managers where brand-affinity growth and management becomes a high priority. Smart Enterprise package enables prescriptive brand positioning and management where sales-generating brand dimensions are defined and actively managed.

Basic Enterprise Advanced Enterprise Smart Enterprise
Basic Enterprise Advanced Enterprise Smart Enterprise
Full access to the platform
Sector-wide corporate brand-specific monitoring
Alarm (crisis) reporting
Sentiment analysis custom training
Monthly / Weekly / Daily automatic reporting
Event-specific dissemination / analytics
1 Influencer Analysis / Month
Historical Data Integration (6 or 12 months)
Brand affinity and switching profiling
CEO/Big-Screen Dashboards
Campaign Analysis
System Training
Support 1 Account Manager Dedicated Management Team Dedicated Management Team
Generic Product-Line Specific Analyses
Custom Reporting
VOC & KPI Reporting
NPS / Sales / KPI Periodic Forecasting
LifeStyle Analysis
MBNS + Sales Generating Brand equity definition tracking

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