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Connect the dots

From the traffic-light dashboard to ID-level social interaction, eBrandValue can give you clear visibility into your brand’s value—regardless of your vantage point.

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Enriched customer data for brand dominance

Sentiment inputs

eBrandValue monitors and catalogs content from every major social network, building a comprehensive, category-specific datastore. Tap the latest entries to track the efficacy of campaigns in-flight, or leverage historical data to study market trends over time. By mapping our data to real-world sales and marketing metrics, you can bridge the gap between quantitative and qualitative to get a true picture of your brand’s value.

Brand value visibility for some. Air traffic control for others

eBrandValue Dashboard Screenshot

Whether you’re managing one brand or a dozen, the eBrandValue dashboard aggregates key performance metrics into a single, at-a-glance view. Use a simple traffic-light system to gauge brand market share and resonance on any timeline—and quickly determine what’s working and what’s not. If you want to dive deeper, the dashboard provides a springboard into brand-specific performance, events, and conversations.

Category context to provide best practices and metrics for success

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To truly understand the resonance of a brand, you need to first understand the landscape around it. Rather than view them in a vacuum, we analyze brands within the context of their respective industries, allowing marketers visibility both into competitors campaign strategies and industry-wide benchmarks and best practices.

Know how your brands’ USD values change with the brand investments

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To advocate the right brand investment strategy, one needs to understand and quantify the current customer satisfaction and new customer acquisition. We provide meaningful brand value metrics based on customer lifetime valuation using advanced NLP/ consumer behavior models. Our sales-correlated metrics make measuring marketing investments’ returns and sales forecasting more robust with prescriptive insights.

Intuitive web-based interface that makes on-the-fly analysis a breeze

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The fickle markets and fast-changing competitive landscape requires fast-paced decision making. The reliability that comes with the tools and meaningful, confidence building metrics that guide decisions real-time are essential. It is common to see unexpected viral developments and potential opportunities. eBrandValue’s state-of-the-art big-data infrastructure and easy-to-use mobile/ tablet friendly interface provide you the much needed reliability in demanding situations.

Event-driven analytics determine the true effect of any marketing activity

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To help measure and manage the flow of data for your brands, you can organize the output into flexible units called events. You can use an event to track a new ad campaign, a product release, a sponsorship—any brand activity that might elicit a social response. You can also monitor more general industry sentiment, and even watch competitor activity to better understand customer profiles and acquisition strategies. Plus, because even the best analyst can’t anticipate everything: if the eBrandValue algorithm detects a spike in brand activity, it will automatically create an event on your behalf to track it.

Know what’s being said—and who’s saying it

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The eBrandValue algorithm doesn’t only listen to the the conversation—it listens to who's speaking. Every social media account is assigned a unique ID, so that you can track interactions over time, augment CRM entries, create highly targeted outreach campaigns, track customer satisfaction, and build a big picture of the conversation around your brand.

Flexible Reporting

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The value of your brand shouldn’t be locked up in a single format. eBrandValue data and visualizations can be exported at the click of a button for use in reports, presentations, or company records.

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