A Case Study: Increasing Brand Value with 12-month Rolling Forecasting

Latest technological and methodological advances in breakthrough analysis enable eBrandValue to increase its forecasting accuracy and provide 12-month rolling forecasts, updated monthly. The past experience shows that forecasts have been accurate and the monthly prediction error has been under 5%. When the difference between the actuals and forecasts established a negative trend, brand managers working with eBrandValue's trends identified the brand weakness and took corrective actions. The results show that the actuals become higher than the forecasts and the weak performance is eliminated. See the graph top left in the picture.

eBrandValue Marketing Operations
eBrandValue Marketing Operations
Eyl 17, 2020
A Case Study: Increasing Brand Value with 12-month Rolling Forecasting

12-m forecasting and brand value impact analysis

Having a base-line estimate is an important first step in understanding the impacts of major market-moving breakthroughs.  The graph (top left corner in the picture) above shows the past sales performance of forecasts versus actuals. eBrandValue provides its clients with 12-m rolling sales forecasts that act as a base line when judging the recent trends and their momentums in affecting sales. Understanding the engagements that drive these changes result in uncovering the meaning and relevance dimensions that drive consumer-brand connections.

The brand in the example above realized the performance loss when realizations consistently fall below the forecasts. Further, the difference between the forecasts and the actuals detoriated, ringing an alarm bell for the brand managers. eBrandValue used its trend and brand affinity (switching) analysis, to identify who is switching to alternatives and why. The patterns revealed that the recent changes in the distribution channel resulted in a significant loss of availability, influencing mindshares. The competition acted fast with new value propositions and quickly capitalized the weakness. The brand took immediate actions by using the eBrandValue data. The field actions are fed with a feedback loop based on the recent consumer engagements in the category. The actions include formulation and merchandising changes, supporting the newly found consumer verbatims. The brand affinity gains confirmed the increase in awareness and desire, ensuring that the health of the brand has improved

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