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Social Provides God’s Eye-View Data

In the age of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and chatGPT-like technologies, companies need new business models to generate and incorporate fast-cycle intelligence.

Tolga Akçura
Tolga Akçura
Jan 13, 2023
eBrandValue's Approach versus Classical Approach

Role of a Brand and eBrandValue's Approach

eBrandValue operates in a real-time, relative world. eBrandValue metrics are based on the premise that brand messages are competing for limited customer attention. The engagement is the ultimate feedback that certain messages are registered and creating attention ripples. The "salience" of such engagements determine whether and how brand messages are effective in creating Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action (AIDA). This is simplified in eBrandValue's Awareness-Desire-Satisfaction funnel approach and ties directly with a brand's value.

Tolga Akçura
Tolga Akçura
Jul 29, 2020

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