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Most Discussed Brands with “Ramadan"

Most Discussed Brands with “Ramadan"

Following only sales data may not be enough to fully explore the customers’ consumption behavior changes, the impact of seasonality or the underlying customer needs and motivations. Ramadan is an example. Ramadan plays an important role in the seasonality of the soft drink sales. Ramadan moves backwards 11 days each year due to the difference between lunar and solar calendar days. Ramadan may coincide with summer or winter. There is a significant number of people who may not consume alcohol during Ramadan. They may be ardent alcohol consumers during non-Ramadan periods. Thus, the amount of product sold can shift in an instant from alcoholic beverages to non-alcoholic beverages. eBrandValue allows marketers to analyze the underlying consumer behaviors, needs and their changes.

Cihan Hülagü
Cihan Hülagü
Apr 4, 2021
12-m forecasting and brand value impact analysis

A Case Study: Increasing Brand Value with 12-month Rolling Forecasting

Latest technological and methodological advances in breakthrough analysis enable eBrandValue to increase its forecasting accuracy and provide 12-month rolling forecasts, updated monthly. The past experience shows that forecasts have been accurate and the monthly prediction error has been under 5%. When the difference between the actuals and forecasts established a negative trend, brand managers working with eBrandValue's trends identified the brand weakness and took corrective actions. The results show that the actuals become higher than the forecasts and the weak performance is eliminated. See the graph top left in the picture.

eBrandValue Marketing Operations
eBrandValue Marketing Operations
Sep 17, 2020

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