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12-m forecasting and brand value impact analysis

A Case Study: Increasing Brand Value with 12-month Rolling Forecasting

Latest technological and methodological advances in breakthrough analysis enable eBrandValue to increase its forecasting accuracy and provide 12-month rolling forecasts, updated monthly. The past experience shows that forecasts have been accurate and the monthly prediction error has been under 5%. When the difference between the actuals and forecasts established a negative trend, brand managers working with eBrandValue's trends identified the brand weakness and took corrective actions. The results show that the actuals become higher than the forecasts and the weak performance is eliminated. See the graph top left in the picture.

eBrandValue Marketing Operations
eBrandValue Marketing Operations
Sep 17, 2020
The Spirit of eBrandValue

What Does It Mean To Be an eBrandValuian?

eBrandValue follows the most modern definition of marketing orientation. That means it creates value for all the stakeholders, including its people who carry its spirit. But what are the values of this spirit? The culture and the principles that shape the environment are the founding elements of creating value. Understanding "what people want" is how it starts and delivering this promise is how it ends. eBrandValue is proud to have an average turnover rate of %1.25 within the last 8 years. But what are the driving forces underlying the organization? Why do people stick together?

Ayşe Akçura and Tolga Akçura
Ayşe Akçura and Tolga Akçura
Aug 27, 2020

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