Accelerate marketing
and product through social

Inform customer interactions, find market opportunities, and spot industry trends faster—from science.

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Synthesize social data to increase the value of your brand

Brands change market share by changing the conversation. With deep-analysis tools and visualizations, our meaningful, actionable insights come in the form of critical key performance-indicators that drive marketing standards and best practices. Conquer your category through socially-integrated, event-focused multi-channel marketing.

See the future (yours or theirs) and change the outcome

Take advantage of our next generation event-driven social-engagement analytics software


Evaluate mindshare to predict sales weeks in advance


Gauge fluctuations in market share relative to your competitors


Identify key influences and successful tactics

Stacking Business Intelligence on Top of Social Signal Data to Create Actionable Insights

See how to move past social signal management to brand value in this eBrandValue infographic. View the infographic »

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Meme-Based Netnographic Segmentation

Learn how brand dimensions uncovered by the eBrandValue platform can help you build more accurate, insightful customer profiles.

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Brand-Performance Partner to Leading Brands

  • "eBrandValue provides the metric that is closest to our real sales figures and weeks ahead of the Nielsen Scantrack data. eBrandValue's sector-based business intelligence platform is above and beyond comparable digital marketing tools we have seen. They help us generate insights based on user lD's switching behavior, as well as the consumer loyalty that drives our strategy."

    –CMO, Multinational Alcoholic Beverage Company
  • "eBrandValue is revolutionary: it challenges traditional marketing tactics and decision-making with an unparalleled real-time analysis that measures campaigns, predicts market share, and even lets you know whose switching to your brand and whose defecting!"

    –Toygun Yilmazer, Chief Strategy Officer, TBWA
  • "We have been working with eBrandValue for over a year now. Let me first start by telling what they are not: they are not a business analytics company for us. We are benefiting from their services more as a decision support company. They have managed to combine their practical experience with science. The genius behind the mathematical modeling of the consumer reaction is very unique and represents their competitive edge."

    –CMO, Multinational Alcoholic Beverage Company
  • "eBrandValue’s sales correlated metrics and platform represent the next generation of marketing."

    Serkan Ceran, Marketing Science, Strategic Modelling Director, Ipsos