DIY Alcohol Conversations

Economic Difficulties and Price Increases Increase Consumers’ Conversations of DIY Alcohol!

eBrandValue Marketing Operations
eBrandValue Marketing Operations
Jun 10, 2022
DIY Alcohol Conversations

The economic situation, which fluctuates with the effect of political, technological and other factors that happen in our country, inevitably affects the purchasing behavior of consumers.

Under the strong competition conditions, consumers want to spend with a more careful and evaluative perspective. The idea of ​​"The value of the product is gaining importance and I have to get the value for the money I spent" is getting more important.

Since 2013, the relationship between consumer conversations about economic difficulties and DIY/produced in the Rakı and Beer categories in the alcoholic beverages sector has been examined using the eBrandValue platform's search and event features. Rakı and Beer categories are on an increasing trend in the conversations about economic difficulties after Q4’21. In the 10-year data set, we see that it is at the peak of history.

In particular, we have observed that the economic difficulties in the Rakı category signals a strong correlation with the DIY Rakı conversations. Consumer-generated contents on social media shows that increasing prices push them to produce their own alcohol at home. As alcoholic beverage prices increase, talk of bootleg or DIY/produced may continue the upward trend. 

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