Meme Stock Investors Are Not Afraid of Putin

Focusing on the top 200 tickers traded in Nasdaq and NYSE (by volume), we see that although the number of meme stock authors has been decreasing, the remaining bunch is proven to be quite sophisticated.

Tolga Akçura
Tolga Akçura
Mar 1, 2022
Meme Stock Investors Are Not Afraid of Putin

Meme Stocks Investors Attentions

Meme Stocks represent the stocks that gain attention of the social media users. These users bet based on the social media posts. Meme stock investors already gain the attention of Wall Street professionals. We filter the top 200 tickers traded in NYSE and Nasdaq from Twitter, Discord and Reddit since the beginning of 2022. The tree map above represents the specific stocks that are gaining attention of the meme stock authors. The area of each box in the map represents the relevant stock's mindshare within the meme stock authors.  The colors represent the percent change of the mindshare when the war broke versus the previous week. The stocks that offer renewable energy stand out with dark green colors as they increase their mindshares versus previous week. The darlings such as AME and GME are represented with big boxes. Big boxes represent the stocks that have high mindshare levels. 

The analysis reveals that the number of unique authors and the relevant contents are decreasing. Amongst the remaining authors there is still a bullish bias. The authors that advocate a Buy or Call option strategy represent a higher percentage compared to the authors who advocate a Sell/ Put Option Strategy. The percentages remain relatively stable throughout the first eight weeks of the year despite the big developments during the last week of February. 

Unique Authors 
Week EndingContentsNumberBuy/ CallSell/ Put
6-Feb347,56768,157 21%12%
20-Feb294,45456,230 18%12%

When we look at the authors who prefer Sell/ Put option strategy, they are scattered around the coastal regions and big cities. Alternatively, the data may suggest that the authors in the central US are relatively more bullish, or engage in simple buy-no-buy decisions. 

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