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The most visited countries by writers who produced Turkish content in the last 1 year

Which countries do alcohol social media content creators prefer to visit for holidays?

For the past year, content creators in Turkish Alcohol industry likes to visit Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus as the most preferred country, together with Italy, America, Greece and France, they are the top 5 preferred countries for their holidays

eBrandValue Marketing Operations
eBrandValue Marketing Operations
Oct 17, 2019
Photo by Shopify from Burst

3 Strategies to Measure Brand's Mindshare

Mindshare usually determines how well consumers receive a product. It is, therefore, an important factor to both consumers and manufacturers as it affects them both. Consumers tend to go for those that are most talked about. Manufacturers, on the other hand, use that kind of popularity to determine how well their products are performing on the market.

eBrandValue Marketing Operations
eBrandValue Marketing Operations
Oct 10, 2019

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