Importance of Mindshare and Its Sales-Leading Role

eBrandValue's mindshare and brand affinity metrics play significant roles in volume sales and market share predictions. This is presented in a new white paper titled ”Accelerate Your Marketing Through eBrandValue’s Sales Model,” available at The new white paper provides a detailed analysis of the legacy approaches and their sales/ market share prediction abilities. Incorporating eBrandValue's metrics improve volume fit one third over the legacy metrics. Linking market share improvements with content metrics in an accountable way opens a revolutionary path for marketing executives and branding professionals.

eBrandValue Marketing Operations
eBrandValue Marketing Operations
Aug 12, 2020
Importance of Mindshare and Its Sales-Leading Role

Why and How Mindshare & Brand Affinities Identify Sales

Sales are a function of penetration in the population, number of transactions per customer per period and the average basket size (e.g., a PITA model). One can find sold units by multiplying Penetration, Transactions and Basket Size. eBrandValue brand affinity metrics provide a comprehensive view of penetration (through desire changes and new customer acquisitions) as well as existing customers contentment with the brands (through current customer satisfaction changes). Mindshare metric provides a comprehensive view of brand's salience. Mindshare is a function of generated contents. It may easily link brick-and-mortar or brand-use related experiences, such as activations, merchandising, distribution and price and promotion related issues. 

eBrandValue can quantify the price sensitivity and economic considerations by linking hardship related conversations with brands. Distribution and/or merchants reveal many of the key trends. For example, by following key entertainment places, their contents and related user experiences, one can generate meaningful insights on key customer perceptions, market developments and brands' healths. Also see the blog titled New Branding Paradigm.

eBrandValue proves its key metrics and establishes the accountability in a recent study. The study paves the way to link the brand experiences with volume sales and market shares in an accountable manner, a much needed contribution to brand management. The white paper is available at by selecting the link from choose-topic's drop-down menu. 

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